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Design Docs V2

design, webdev, js

Design Docs V2.0 brings a new site built in Next.js, refined content, and a dedicated domain at designdocs.co.

A screenshot of the Design Docs V2 site

I’ve been working on updating resources to make it easy for people to contribute to the project and plan over the following few versions to have clear tasks for people to pick up.

Design Docs aims to give early career designers resources and a roadmap to improve their craft, prepare a portfolio, and get their first job in the industry (or land a job they are chasing.)

I hope to showcase various works from a diverse set of designers and bring in people from many backgrounds to give feedback and contribute over time.

If you are interested in contributing, email me at iamnbutler at gmail, or just send a pull request or open an issue/discussion. Everything is open for contributions.

There is a small guide on contributions in `CONTRIBUTING.md` and a tenitive TODO list in the project README

I look forward to the future of Design Docs as a resource for students and designers all over.

What’s Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: https://github.com/iamnbutler/design-docs/compare/v1.0…v2.0.0